Therapy reviews

Brian is a wonderful therapist who clearly has a vocation for the work he does. His empathy and perspicacity shine through in every session and his ability to listen attentively has helped me to make sense of my mind and my life. Not only is he an excellent psychologist, he’s also a palpably kind person. I hugely recommend Brian.


Brian is an extremely empathic and supportive therapist. He has helped me to shift my perspective on myself and my relationships in ways that have had a really positive impact on my life. He brings himself wholeheartedly to sessions so that I have always felt that I have someone willing to be completely alongside me when it has felt hard. He is a wonderful therapist and I have benefited greatly from having worked with him.


I’ve worked with a couple of different counsellors over the years and Brian is by far the most engaging. He manages to create a really safe and compassionate space in which to open up while still pushing me to confront and challenge any limiting beliefs. He retains a superb level of professionalism while managing to relate personally and often emotionally in sessions. No matter how difficult a therapy session has been Brian always uses the last couple of minutes to reflect on the session and manages to infuse my week with new found optimism. I can’t thank him enough for helping me to help myself grow.


I highly recommend Brian as a therapist. I’ve been working with him for about a year now, and the progress I’ve made under his guidance has been truly transformative. From the outset, I shared with him my experiences of childhood trauma, stemming from physical abuse at the hands of my parents. Despite their intentions, this upbringing left me struggling to feel secure or loved in a conventional manner.

Brian has been instrumental in helping me gradually shift my perspective and find the silver linings in my experiences. Through his support, I’ve become increasingly self-aware and have embarked on a journey of healing. Importantly, he was there for me during some of my darkest moments, including a toxic relationship where I felt trapped and emotionally abused. Brian provided the steady presence and insight I needed to break free from that destructive cycle.

One of Brian’s greatest strengths is his patience and ability to truly listen. He has a knack for offering perspectives that I may have overlooked or dismissed, allowing me to see situations in new ways. His support has been invaluable in navigating not only past traumas but also the complexities of relationships.

In summary, Brian has been an exceptional therapist for me. His dedication, empathy, and expertise have been instrumental in my journey toward healing and self-discovery. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking support and guidance in their own personal growth.


Before starting therapy with Brian, I was struggling greatly with anxiety induced mental health issues. My anxiety was manifesting itself in the form of obsessive-compulsive behaviours, being permanently stressed (and angry) and suffering from depression. Some of the physical manifestations of my symptoms included insomnia, stomach cramps and an almost permanent state of illness. My life was miserable and I couldn’t see a way out.

When I first met Brian, I wasn’t sure of the extent to which he could help me as I had almost resigned myself to the fact that my life would be like that forever and maybe I was just ‘wired’ that way. I had carried around mental baggage for decades and it didn’t feel like there was a solution at that point.

After starting therapy with Brian, I made a breakthrough within the first month (which came as a surprise as it was a meaningful, tangible step forward for me). Brian helped me to understand the parts of my experience growing up that I needed to acknowledge and come to terms with. His thoughtful approach to therapy means that I am always probing for answers in the right areas and understanding more and more about myself and any mental trauma I had previously been through. I have since made multiple breakthroughs and have found the obsessive/compulsive parts of my personality have receded accordingly. I am now more confident, relaxed and (shock-horror) happy.

Thanks to Brian, I have moved to a place where I am able to contextualise past experiences and not let them dominate my thought processes or compel my behaviour. I feel like he is ‘in my corner’ and ‘has my back’ which I haven’t always felt in my life and makes a big difference to me when I am feeling overwhelmed with life.


Working with Brian has been an incredibly transformative experience for me. His compassionate and non-judgmental approach created a safe space for me to explore my thoughts and feelings. Brian skilfully guided me through challenging times, offering valuable insights and practical tools that empowered me to navigate life’s obstacles with greater confidence and clarity. I am deeply grateful for his expertise and support, and I wholeheartedly recommend Brian to anyone seeking professional counselling.


“Brian Back, my therapist, embodies the calm, guiding presence I’ve longed for in therapy. His approach to our conversations is refreshingly straightforward, creating a safe haven where I can confront my personal struggles. Brian excels at empowering me to make life choices confidently while nurturing a serene atmosphere for exploring emotions and perspectives. What truly reassures me in our discussions is Brian’s profound understanding of our shared human experiences – acknowledging that imperfection is part of the journey, yet we’re often doing just fine.”


Throughout our sessions, Brian has listened genuinely and demonstrated empathy and understanding. He made me feel comfortable to share my worries and took care with my feelings, no matter how small or insignificant they seemed to me. Brian gave me space to think through my problems, asked questions to facilitate discussion and gave alternative viewpoints to consider to support me to help myself to move forward. I never felt judged, embarrassed or minimised due to Brian’s kind approach to sessions.

I recommend Brian without hesitation and am comforted to know that should I find myself in challenging times in the future, I would be able to work through this again with Brian’s support.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Brian for the past nine months, and I can’t recommend him enough. Brian possesses an exceptional ability to listen attentively, often offering insightful summaries that shed new light on the challenges at hand. His unwavering support and non-judgmental demeanour create a safe space for self-expression. On top of that, Brian’s knowledge and wisdom consistently show up during our discussions, making him an invaluable asset as in my opinion, these qualities are necessary in a therapist, and Brian embodies them effortlessly.


Brian is an unwaveringly reassuring presence in every session. He’s able to listen deeply, reflect back emotions with insight, and offer healthy ways to cope. He’s a therapist to be treasured.


Thank you again for all your help, it has been invaluable and actually life saving.-


I’ve been working with Brian for a year now, with a lot of life changes during that time – changing jobs, moving abroad, dealing with a breakup. Brian’s been super helpful. He’s an amazing listener, and even when I ramble on (which I tend to do), he somehow boils it all down into key points we can dive into. He’s not afraid to challenge me and ask probing questions, but always in such a polite and understanding way. And his memory of what we discuss is incredible! I was looking for a therapist who wouldn’t tell me what to do, but rather help me sort through all the thoughts and anxieties in my head to find some meaning or direction, through in depth discussion, and Brian has been perfect for that. Brian’s also flexible with his approach; we can stick to one focus for a while or just go with the flow from session to session. I’m looking forward to continue working with Brian.


Brian is exceedingly attentive and professional. He consistently makes me feel heard and completely free from judgment. Each session with Brian leaves me feeling calmer and more grounded. He devotes his undivided attention during our sessions and responds quickly to messages throughout the week. I find it easy to open up to Brian, and he excels at articulating the emotions I struggle to make sense of. He has a remarkable ability to grasp and organize the emotions I attempt to convey, making them more understandable to myself.


I have been having weekly sessions with Brian for the around 6 months now and I couldn’t recommend him more. His ability to listen without judgement whilst asking the right questions has allowed me to begin to understand the events which have led me to him. I couldn’t recommend Brian more, he is extremely caring and an asset to his profession.


Brian was able to immediately put me at ease in opening up about very difficult personal and professional relationships. During our sessions, Brian was able to clearly outline problem areas, where the stress and anxiety lay and gave me invaluable coping mechanisms. I only worked with Brian for three months but we achieved so much during our sessions, giving me the important perspectives that would allow me to effectively meet my current challenges. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone who feels they’re juggling more than one area of stress and difficulty in their life: relationships, job, etc. His advice will really cut through to the core of the issue and help you deal with it. I appreciate all the support provided by Brian, who immediately makes himself an ally in facing your difficulties.


I was going through a difficult time in my life and the sessions with Brian were instrumental in helping me to explore and reflect on some of the issues I had been struggling with. I could not recommend Brian Back highly enough.


Course reviews

Hi Brian. I just wanted to say again a massive thank you for the last few months of your course. I know we all said it tonight but I wanted you to know how much of a difference the course and your teaching has made to my life.. I’ve genuinely been fascinated and inspired by your teaching so much so that it has allowed me to consider my life’s direction in a way I never have before.
Thank you.
I hope you carry on teaching this course, so that lots of others feel as lucky as I do.


Thank you again so much for your guidance and support. I really, really loved doing the course!


You created such a wonderful atmosphere. I think it made such a difference to how we bonded and how we learnt. Hard act to follow!


Brian, thank you for everything. This course has truly changed my life and I can’t thank you enough!


Thanks so much! It’s been an amazing course and you’ve been great!


Wooo! I’ve learnt so much. Thank you for imparting your knowledge and passion! Thank you for being such a brilliant engaging and supportive lecturer. I loved the course and learnt a huge amount!


Thank you Brian for being a fabulous tutor!


Thanks Brian, you’ve been a dream. A super bright shiny light!

Naomi M

Thank you for everything! You’ve been a brilliant teacher!


Thank you for being the best counselling tutor ever!


Book reviews

This is not just a self-help book but a triumph of self-awareness, and a journey towards enlightenment. Good on you Brian I cried and laughed along with you. A beautiful book.

Mr G

A thought provoking realisation of the meaning of your life. Reading this book really does make you appreciate everything that you have and give you a different perspective to what you may be thinking your life to currently be. A brilliant message which if you’re like me, may even bring a tear to your eye.


A book for everyone. Inspiring and thought provoking. A story of triumph over adversity. A wonderful read with a message for everyone. Thanks to the author for sharing his experience and journey

Nicola Gamlin

A really beautiful read!
What a fantastically honest book, I loved every minute of it. Heart wrenching at times, but so moving and so relatable in many ways- I can’t imagine anyone reading this and not relating in some way, which is what we all want from a good book right!
Thank you Brian, your wonderful book has given me even more motivation and interest to learn about human relationships. Brilliant college lecturer, brilliant writer.

Amazon Customer

A great read for gaining perspective on the importance of connection and purpose. Thought-provoking and empowering; this is beautifully written and provides practical tools to transform how you think and feel.


Loved this well written and full of hope the author has bared himself and shown that you can achieve great things, you can change your life for the better.,Thank you Mr Back for your bravery and honesty


A must read.

Amazon Customer

Loved It!!!
Great book, really grabs your attention in the beginning (rather heartbreaking too), then moves on to give you nuggets of wisdom,.and the answer to life. Love the ending words too.


A great read!
This is a great book, that provides wisdom on how to live a more fulfilling life and is written in a very coherent way. The author writes from his own personal experience as well as drawing inspiration from thought leaders in psychology and other areas of social science, which makes his words very compelling and gives his writing a lot of power. The book also offers practical exercises on how to put the presented ideas into practice; and is a great read!


It DOES help to find the Answer to Life!
I love the way Brian Back actualizes academic knowledge in the field of psychology: through personal examples, compelling stories and clear bullet points, he delivers his Answer to Life in a simple way for everybody to get, as if he were an older member of the family sharing his knowledge with you by the fireplace in a cold winter night 🙂
Dr Back encourages the reader to grab the bull (Life) by the horns, empowering them into possible steps towards sustainable positive changes in their lives.
Thank you so much for this Pearl! Looking forward to The Answer of Life II

Alicia Kon

Couldn’t put it down!
One of those books that I just couldn’t put down! Really interesting book that really resonated with me! Loved the little quotes that ended each section. Looking forward to reading some of the books Brian cited. A fab college lecturer too!!


Informative and thought provoking.
An interesting book with a wonderful overall message. The balance between theory and personal experience is just right.


Thought provoking!
A very interesting read. This is the first time I have read a self-help book and I wasn’t disappointed. Helpful ideas/approaches to use in everyday life.


A logical read of inspiration and thought provoking analogies.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book by Brian Back. A thought provoking journey made even more poignant as it’s told from a brutally honest point of view from the authors real experience. One of my favourite words was self actualisation – a concept that everyone should strive for. Thirty odd years ago I remember my Mum said to me ‘I may not always like you, but I will always love you’…after reading this book I totally get how powerful those words were! A great read, Thank you.

F Reeves

Amazing read!
An amazing book! Very inspiring and a worthwhile read! All the points make total sense and can be a game changer for so many people! Brings together the words of many of the world’s most influential people!

Rebecca Joanne James

This book seeks to explain the fundamental principles needed to live a happy and fulfilled life. It steers well away from financial success and wealth, but rather focuses on the key fundamental principles that are achievable by everyone. This book could help you see that you are already successful in life or provide clear understanding of how to achieve it. An honest and wholesome account about how someone with a difficult upbringing found the means to happiness.

Amazon Customer

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“A beautiful book”

“A thought provoking realisation of the meaning of your life.”

“One of those books that I just couldn’t put down!”

“Inspiring and thought provoking. A story of triumph over adversity. A wonderful read with a message for everyone.”

“This is not just a self help book but a triumph of self awareness, and a journey towards enlightenment.”